Audition Steps

Follow these steps to Audition at Treasure Village!

  1. LEARN ABOUT US:  Download and read TV FYI 2018 to understand more about Treasure Village, including our mission, expectations, typical day, and fun events.
  2. WATCH:  Check out the TV Video for Auditions to see about us. Our YouTube channel has other videos from the summers.
  3. CALENDAR:  Look at our summer calendar to see which shows you are able to audition for based on your schedule and conflicts. Summer Calendar for Auditions 2018
  4. SIGN UP:  Sign up for your audition date and time. We prefer onsite auditions but skype auditions are an option.  Auditions Sign-up
  5. APPLICATION:  Download and fill out TVillage Application.  Email this to us BEFORE auditions.
  6. NON-ACTING APPLICATION:  Love to sew, paint, or build?  Check out the info at bottom of webpage about Tech and Costume opportunities.  To apply for Production Staff, download and fill out Production Staff Application before auditions.
  7. REFERENCE LETTERS:  Contact 3 professors, teachers, pastors, employers, etc for reference letters. These can be emailed to us or brought the day of auditions.
  8. TWO SONGS:  All are required to submit two songs.  Even if you don’t consider yourself a singer, try speaking dramatically and with the rhythm.  Email/share the MP3, WAV, or video files to us BEFORE your audition.
    A.  SONG #1:  Using a karaoke track, record yourself singing the song “Part of Your World” from Disney’s Little Mermaid OR “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from The Lion King.  We will be doing an original musical, but we want to hear a song that has range and emotion in it.  You must record 1 -2 minutes of singing.
    B.  SONG #2: Singing a cappella or with a track, record yourself singing a song of your choice.  Make sure it shows your range and musical interpretation. You must record between 1-2 minutes of singing.
  9. PREPARE: Prepare for auditions by reading character descriptions and script excerpts that will be used at the audition. This is not a cold read! We want you to read through script excerpts and develop character ideas.
    2018 Audition Scenes
    2018 Character Descriptions
  10. AT AUDITIONS:  Please have your calendar ready, body stretched and voice warmed up, and wear nice clothes that you can easily move in. Verify you’ve already sent your application(s), two vocal recordings, and three letters of reference.

If you have any questions, please contact Managing Director Linnea Lambert at 712-330-7065 (call/text) or email us at  You can also share via google drive.

Steps to Audition at Treasure Village 2018
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